Charity Guitar Build

Simon Hewlett Guitar

Luthier Simon Hewlett contacted me in January to say that he was so impressed with the Robert Foster gig at the Church last year he has decided to build an acoustic guitar for Stevington Guitar Concerts to raise money for a charity of our choice. Simon will be working with luthier Kif Wood to build us a very special guitar. After much thought we have decided to donate the money to Papworth Hospital who were the beneficiaries of our first ever event. The guitar will be auctioned or raffled at a special concert in November.

I would be delighted to receive bids on the instrument, just let me know what you are prepared to pay. A guide price for an instrument of this quality and individuality would be about £ 1800 – 2500. You can keep up to date with pictures of the build by visiting this page over the next few months as we will be providing updates and pictures of the build process.

Simons spec for the Stevington guitar

Acoustic 6 steel strings, cutaway.

“I have decided to use ‘Indian rosewood’ for the back and sides, a good traditional guitar material ‘Monterrey cypress’ for the top, this particular material was washed up as a very large log on Kifs local beach, he noticed it was rippled and took a chainsaw to it. The neck will be a three part laminate with a center beam of ‘Idigbo’ not quite sure about the two outer beams yet.”

The completed guitar 08/09/2016




Heart motif on the headstock to represent Papworth Hospital


Windmill motif in the rosette to represent Stevington

John Duffield

Build Update

We have just received the following update on the build of the guitar from Simon along with a few pictures.

“Hi John
Here are some photos of the beginning of the charity guitar construction.
They show the Indian rosewood back and sides, the back I chose some crown cut wood for the high figure. The neck beams are American black walnut and a centre beam of idigbo, (Brittle heart), they are glued together planed flat and a truss rod groove routed.
You can also see the mould we are going to use.
Hopefully next week I will be bending the sides, gluing in the kerfing and constructing the neck block, and maybe dimensioning the neck. I have been able to fit things in between helping out with customers guitars.”














Latest update 02/05/2016

“Hi John
Hope you are well, how did the weekend go, (I’m right in thinking that it was a guitar concert ).
So things are progressing with the guitar, I have a few photos to send you which I’ll do in a number of emails, because of there size.
This shows the back, sides and top, (we decided to use a spruce top, this is a ‘katz’ top from a timber merchant in Canada, it is a hybrid spruce which he is keeping secret, he is selling AAA sound boards to top Americans for nearly $1000. This is probably an A grade, purely because of a slightly imperfect aesthetic, but is a very good top.
The other two photos shows my teacher and mentor Kif Wood bending the Indian rosewood sides and placing them into a prepared mould or former.

The back bracing is prepared from spruce, they are contoured on their underside so as to put a curve across the back once gluded.
You can see the basic yet extremely effective method of holding and clamping the braces while the glue cures.”

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Other examples of Simons work

12 string 2

12 string restoration


New 6 string