Stevington Guitar Workshops

Catfish Keith guitar workshop

Stevington Church Room, Church Road, Stevington, MK43 7QB

Sunday November 14th 2021

Acoustic Blues Pioneer CATFISH KEITH will present a two hour, hands-on guitar workshop. Catfish will teach both fingerpicking and slide guitar styles on acoustic and resophonic guitars. 

Students will learn at least two entire songs; one in standard tuning on acoustic guitar, and one in Open D or G on resophonic guitar. You will learn to play steady bass rhythms with your thumb while picking melodies and harmonies with you fingers. String snapping, thumb damping, alternating bass, advanced harp harmonics, and the basics of slide techniques will be taught. 

Bring your steel string, acoustic guitar and/or a round neck resophonic guitar. 

This is not for beginners, it is intermediate to advanced level. But, if you can play basic chords and know some songs, you will find value in this workshop. 

Workshop times 12.00 a.m.- 2.00 p.m.

Price £ 40.00 places strictly limited.